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The Minnesota Northwoods are experiencing dramatic change and many northern tree species are dying. Without any intervention, researchers predict that the landscape in northeastern Minnesota will become mostly open grasslands within the next 50 years. If this happens, our regional economy, wildlife, culture, and everything that depends on the forest will be permanently changed.

The Farm & Forest Growers Cooperative is a group of farmers, nursery people, Known as the Forest Assisted Migration Project (FAMP), we work to address these challenges. FAMP aims to re-establish a resilient northern forest and bolster the regional economy by:

  • Bringing tree genetics from southern & central Minnesota to northern Minnesota by collecting tree seed in these regions,
  • Which are then planted out by growers who are members of the Farm & Forest Growers Cooperative,
  • Then selling the seedlings to our partners, such as The Nature Conservancy, SWCD’s and forestry deparments.

3 Oaks Forest Farm is participating by growing out thousands of native trees, such as:  White Oak, Northern Red Oak, Bur Oak, White Pine, Black Cherry, Yellow Birch, and more.

3 Oaks Forest Farm Is a Member of the Farm & Forest Growers Cooperative